Repairs Disclaimer

Repairs are carried out at the owners risk and We cannot be liable for any underlying faults that manifest itself as a result of a repair being carried out, all faults on the item must be made clear before repair commences as we will not be held responsible for item faults we are not told about at the time of booking in the repair, once you commence with the booking you are agreeing to these conditions completely.

Due to the nature of our business, not all repairs are successful, if a clear mistake is made by our engineers we will be held accountable where necessary. If this rare outcome comes to light, we will offer to replace the device or come with a viable solution. This may not be a quick process in order to come with a viable solution that works for both parties. Maximum time to resolve this will be 20 days of the date of the outcome of the repair. If we make an offer to replace your device and you agree, the replacement device will only issued to you on the following terms that your damaged phone then becomes our property. It is the customers responsibility to remove Sim Cards, memory cards and any other accessories from the device before the repair. We will not be responsible if they are lost. 

Water Damage

Liquid damage repairs carry no warranty whatsoever, successful or not. Some liquid damaged phones appear to be working, this is due to corrosion on the components (resistors) when the components (resistors) are shorting together, the engineer cleans the board it may remove the short circuit and may result in the handset no longer powering up at all. Most mobile phone manufacturers do not entertain any form of repair on liquid damaged handsets. No Fix No Fee also applies to water damage repairs. If the device did not turn on prior to the repair and the repair fixes the main issue, there will be a £15 minimum charge. Quite commonly after a water damage repair has worked to power the phone on, there could be underlying issues, we would not be responsible to fix these issues and there could be an extra charge to fix the remaining components.

Water Resistance

Phone Cube will not be liable if the phone is no longer water resistant after the repair, Water resistance is not a permanent feature, it is a feature which fades over time as the seals deteriorate or are opened. Iphone 7/ Samsung S8 screen replacements etc for example will be effected, this is due to the seals being broken. If you are wanting it to be resealed for water resistance please advise our technician, an addition charge will apply and there is not a 100% Guarantee that it will be water tight

Data & Sim Cards

Any data or information that you may have stored on the equipment shall remain your sole responsibility and we accept no liability for loss or corruption of such data howsoever caused. It is your responsibility to keep a record of any such data. For smartphone repairs we suggest creating a back-up for any data you have.

Please ensure you take your sim card with you, Phone Cube will not be responsible for missing sim cards, they are a very small object which can be easily lost.

Time Limits & Unlocking

A lot of repairs can be done straight away depending on the nature of the repair and stock we hold. Unfortunately we cannot be held accountable if a repair has surpassed the agreed time frame of the repair. We also cannot be accountable for late delivery for parts. The time which we give for a repair is only an estimate.

We shall notify you when the device has been repaired or is un-repairable and is available for collection. If you do not collect the device within 90 days, we will dispose of it or recycle it. any sum obtained on disposal will be used to meet any unpaid estimate or repair charges you are liable to pay and any remaining balance will be sent to you or will remain payable by you accordingly.

Payment must be paid prior to the unlocking. If you would like to cancel the unlocking process, a charge will be issued (Minimum charge will be 50% of the unlocking price). All times given for unlocking are estimates, if the unlocking period goes over the estimated time, we will not be accountable and no refund will be issued unless an Unlock fails.


Phone Cube provides warranty for majority of the parts we fix. This does not cover the device itself and every component; the warranty is specific to the part which was repaired. Water damaged phones are not covered under warranty. Warranty is void if there is an unapproved 3rd party involvement with the device in question. Warranty does not cover accidental damage, if there is any form of accidental damage with a part, the whole of that part will be void. This includes screen repairs, we will not be held accountable for a screen which has stopped functioning properly due to a cracked screen.